Saturday, October 18, 2014

Going Vegan: Why Is It So Damn Hard?

Being Vegan is by far the best decision I've ever made. At this point in time, my lifestyle isn't really that much of a challenge. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of days where I would love to devour an extra-large pepperoni pizza by myself... but it gets easier.  So here are a couple reasons why being a Vegan is so damn hard:
1)The transition itself is brutal.
Becoming a Vegan is no easy task unless you have extreme will power (which I do not). I mean, I didn't cut out animal products cold-turkey. I was a Vegetarian for 3 years so my transition wasn't nearly as hard as those who just up-an-quit animal products entirely. Transitioning into this lifestyle is by far the best plan of attack. I started out by giving up red-meat, then meat as a whole, and now I am a full-blown Vegan. When I think back on the past three months... part of me wants to gouge my eyeballs out. Why work so hard for something that seems so pointless? Then I remember why I started and it's all worth while.
2) "Where do you get your protein?"
Fools; protein does not only come from animals. Where do you think the animals you are eating get their protein from? The reason why I respond so harshly to this one is because no one ever asks this question out of concern. This is always used as an attack on my lifestyle choices. My father is the best example for this one. I love him dearly don't get me wrong. Coming from someone who grew up on a diet centered around meat, there is no possible way that he could understand where I'm coming from. When he came to visit me at college, he was practically force feeding me because he was afraid I was malnourished. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is going to agree or understand. 
3) Slip-ups
You. Are. Human. We all make mistakes. Just remind yourself why you started and get back up on your feet.
4) "Being a Vegan is unhealthy"  
*buzzer noise* wrong. Now this one's a little controversial so if you have a problem with it... please turn away now. Humans were never mean't to eat animals. We just needed to adapt to survive. There are even studies now that prove how detrimental dairy products are to our health. Our bodies can't digest that stuff.  Although being Vegan is one of the best diets you can have, it is also one of the worst when not treated properly. Being Vegan does not mean starvation. So back to the main point, I'm still here... so it obviously can't be that bad right?
5)Peer Pressure
Yes. Peer pressure. There is nothing worse than when your friends wave slices of bacon-pineapple pizza in your face. 

SO... Go Vegan. Yeah, it's hard as shit. I'm not going to lie. 

But always remember:
Animals are friends... not food :)
Jasmine Millner

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  1. I'm so darn proud of you! You had to make me cry in public! I love you to the moon and back and to the moon and back and to the moon and back...